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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Master Bathroom Makeover

We have put the finishing touches on our master bathroom & we are finally ready to show you!

Here's what we did:
-renovated the shower
-changed faucets
-switched out light fixture
-framed existing mirror above vanity
-added a towel ring
-painted walls
-added curtains
-made 2 DIY art pieces
Now for the before & afters!

shaving shelf:

Mel also made some DIY canvas art- She stuck some craft snow on the canvas to give it texture.  Then she painted using acrylic paints & a spray bottle of water:

Mel found some small glass jars from Target in the kitchen section.  They are the perfect size for bath salts & scrubs:

We used baskets filled with sponges & washcloths to fill the space.  A small apothecary jar holds Epsom salt:

DIY art #2- all we had to do was replace the existing scrapbook paper with a new design:

We think our makeover is a good example of how homeowners can update their bath without doing a complete overhaul! 

mel & nader

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Half Bath Makeover

We should really call this post Half Bath Makeover: Part 1, because it's really not quite finished.  But it's a start & at least it looks way better than it did before!

Here's a quick rundown of what we did in this room:
-replaced old faucet with brushed nickel faucet
-switched out the light fixture
-removed the towel bar & added a towel ring instead

-made some DIY art
-added some accessories

Here is the before shot we took while we were taking our first tour of the house (sorry for the quality- had we known we would be blogging about our home projects we would have made more of an effort):

 First thing we did was change out the faucet:

Then we painted the walls a neutral gray tone - Smooth Stone by Glidden:
Then we realized that we needed to get rid of that towel bar.  It seemed too big & it was awkwardly placed.  We thought some art would look much better.

Of course, we only realized that after we painted.  So we took the towel bar down, patched the holes, & repainted:

We replaced the towel bar with a more appropriately sized brushed nickel towel ring from Home Goods.  We also swapped out the existing bronze light fixture for a fixture that was more our style.  We found a couple of options @ Lowe's that we liked:

We ended going with option 1 because it filled up more of the vertical wall space & also because we simply liked the look of it more than option 2:

We definitely want to add/tweak some things in the future - but for now we are just glad we can check one more room off the "to-do" list.
Mel & Nader