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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Nursery: VuSee Universal Baby Monitor Shelf Review

We started Sami out in his crib a few months ago - right before he turned 3 months old.  Between swaddles & not being able to roll over yet, we felt comfortable with placing the monitor at the opposite end of the crib on the railing:

Fast forward a couple of months and he's starting to move around & roll over - which meant we needed to find a different & safer home for the monitor.

As luck would have it, the makers of the VuSee offered to send us one of their universal baby monitor shelves to try out - it couldn't have been better timing!

The VuSee was created by a dad who was trying to solve a few problems regarding the placement of their baby monitor.  Not wanting to set the monitor on the crib due to the strangulation risks & visibility issues, he found a safe & non-permanent solution that allows for a clear view of the entire crib.

It's a very simple, but effective design - the angled shelf is attached to the wall using 3M Command Strips & works with any baby monitor.  All you need is some rubbing alcohol to install: