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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Nursery: VuSee Universal Baby Monitor Shelf Review

We started Sami out in his crib a few months ago - right before he turned 3 months old.  Between swaddles & not being able to roll over yet, we felt comfortable with placing the monitor at the opposite end of the crib on the railing:

Fast forward a couple of months and he's starting to move around & roll over - which meant we needed to find a different & safer home for the monitor.

As luck would have it, the makers of the VuSee offered to send us one of their universal baby monitor shelves to try out - it couldn't have been better timing!

The VuSee was created by a dad who was trying to solve a few problems regarding the placement of their baby monitor.  Not wanting to set the monitor on the crib due to the strangulation risks & visibility issues, he found a safe & non-permanent solution that allows for a clear view of the entire crib.

It's a very simple, but effective design - the angled shelf is attached to the wall using 3M Command Strips & works with any baby monitor.  All you need is some rubbing alcohol to install:

Aside from the obvious safety benefits, what I found most appealing about the VuSee was the easy install - it requires no screws, nails, or holes in the wall!  That was music to my ears, because I did not feel like making any holes in our board & batten wall.  ;)

The first thing we did was determine which corner would provide the best angle of the crib.  The spot that worked out best was the corner between the closet doors and the board & batten wall - it had the best view of the crib & there was also a power outlet close by.

The instructions recommend that you attach it about 4-6 feet from the ground, but we had to go a bit higher up due to the door casing around the closet - it still worked out perfectly!

Once we figured out which corner & height worked out best, we simply prepped the wall surface with a little rubbing alcohol, peeled the backing off the command strips, & stuck the shelf to the wall - holding it in place for 30 seconds.

Afterwards, we attached the small monitor hook to the base of our monitor:

Per the directions, we waited 24 hours before we attached the monitor to the shelf.  The next day I simply slid the monitor hook into the hole on the VuSee shelf & we were all set!

(I ended up hiding the cord behind the closet door casing with some small staples FYI)

Here's a shot of Sami's crib from the VuSee shelf (we can also zoom in if needed):

All in all, we are really happy with the VuSee - it provides a great view of the crib & was extremely easy to install.  Here are some more reasons we liked the VuSee:
  • affordable
  • removable & non-damaging 
  • made in the US
  • universal for all monitors
  • simple install
  • created by a parent for parents
  • available @ several online retailers (including Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, & Beratek Industries)
Now that we've gotten the baby monitor situation taken care of, I'm on to our next baby task at hand...making our own baby food!  Wish me luck!  :)


I would also like to mention that while we were generously provided a VuSee to try out, all opinions are 100% our own & we are not being compensated for this post.  This is just an honest review of an innovative product!

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