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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Nursery: Newco International Grand Bella Velvet Glider Review

Now that Sami is about 9 months old, I figured enough time has passed that I could give a fair review of our nursery glider.  FYI:  this is not a sponsored post - just an honest review.

I originally looked at various retailers including Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, & The Land of Nod.  There were several contenders, but of course, my favorites were way out of our budget.  We also checked out Babies R US where we found a couple of options, but nothing I really loved.  So the search continued...

Side note:  I have since seen several really cute & affordable new styles of gliders @ Babies R Us & Buy Buy Baby that might have won out had they been around while we were on the hunt.

I kept seeing a velvet tufted swivel glider on Pinterest & thought it combined good design with an affordable price tag.

There are several retailers who sell this glider, however you'll find the name, price, & colors vary.  For example, Target sells this glider under the name Komfy Kings Rio Swivel Glider in 'buckwheat', while Walmart calls it the Newco International Grand Bella Velvet Glider in 'beige'.  I'm not 100% sure they are the same chair (the colors look quite different online), but according to the reviews I'd say they are one and the same.

We searched around for the best price & ended up purchasing the glider from Walmart in the fall of 2014 while it was on sale (we also went with the free in-store pickup option to save on shipping).  

We are very happy with the chair overall.  The fabric is a soft velvet & it seems to be a good quality chair.  The height of the chair back is also nice in that we can both rest our heads on it (I'm 5'7" & Nader is 6'1").

The back of the chair is quite firm, so if you're someone who prefers a soft & plush chair - you may not like this one.  Personally, I have no issue with it & find it comfortable.  Sometimes, I'll place a lumbar pillow behind me which helps a lot too.

I love the fact that it swivels & glides smoothly!  I did experience a little bit of squeaking a couple of months into using it, but I sprayed some WD-40 on all the metal components underneath the chair & the squeaking went away after a day or so (I also put an old towel under the chair to protect the carpet from any dripping too FYI).

My only minor complaint is regarding the arms of the chair.  While the website boasts "the perfect arm height for nursing moms", I personally felt that they are a bit too high.  I always have to place a small lumbar pillow on my side & rest my elbow on that instead.  Please keep in mind that this may be very specific to me & my nursing preferences.  Also, the height of the arms is perfectly fine if I'm just sitting & rocking with Sami - it only bothers me while nursing.  I also wish the arms were wider & more plush (but now I'm just being picky)...

The fabric seems easy enough to clean.  We haven't really had any serious "stains" to speak of.  In the early months, it was impossible not to get breast milk all over the place - but that was easy enough to wipe off.  (We like to joke that if breast milk was like blood at a crime scene, it would look like I murdered someone in the nursery)  TMI?  ;)

 Let's be real here...you sacrifice a little bit of comfort for style with this glider.  I realize now, after having spent many hours nursing in the middle of the night, that it doesn't really matter how pretty your glider is & as long as you are comfortable & baby is happy - that's all that matters!

That being said, we are pretty happy with the glider & would recommend it, providing you don't mind a firm back & a higher arm height.

Here is the link:
Newco International Grand Bella Velvet Glider in beige

Hope this helped some moms & dads out there who are chair shopping!


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