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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Featured on DIY Network Show: I Hate My Bath!

So a few months a ago we uploaded a few of our DIY Master Bathroom Makeover photos onto HGTV's Rate My Space website.  A couple of months after that we were contacted by HGTV/DIY's production company.  They wanted to feature our DIY bathroom project on a short segment called "America Fights Back" on the show I Hate My Bath!.  

To say we were excited is an understatement.  We were superhappyjumpupanddowncallmomanddadrightaway kind of excited.  So we emailed them some before & after photos and a short summary of what we did & how much the makeover cost us.  They said that we had some great shots & that we would be in touch soon.

Then we never heard back.

After a few months we just figured that they decided not to use our bathroom on the show & we forgot all about it.
(yes, we were so sad & disappointed)

Then two weeks ago we are sitting at home watching TV, and we get a text from our friend Adrienne who says, "OMG are ya'll on DIY??!!".  Of course, we looked at each other & we were like "whaaaaat?!?!".
  It was so funny & random.  If she hadn't been watching the DIY channel at that moment, it's very likely we would have never even seen the episode.  

It was a short 30 second segment that showed our before & after photos while the host (Jeff Devlin) gave a little recap of what our bathroom remodel entailed.  Nothing crazy.  No video.  No head shots.
(everyone seems to ask, "did they show a picture of you guys?!")
 Nonetheless, we were very excited.

The episode is called "Laundry-tastic Bathroom" & it will air again on the DIY Network:

February 3rd, 2013 @ 1:30 PM E/P
February 24th, 2013 @ 7:30 AM E/P
Now, the only problem is getting the episode uploaded on our blog so our family can see it too....(most of them don't get the DIY channel & the I Hate My Bath! website doesn't seem to show recent episodes)
We'll try to take a video of the TV with our phones & then upload that instead.

We know we're not on a Young House Love level or anything....but it's a start, right?  haha

Mel & Nader