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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thriftstore Dresser: Labels

Labels have helped us stay organized in many areas of our home - including our pantry, coat closet, & spice cabinet.  There was one item I needed to finish labeling though: our thrift store dresser.

The dresser already had built-in labels on the pulls, but the middle drawers were lacking:

It was such a quick & easy fix - I picked up a pack of Martha Stewart adhesive metal bookplates from Staples.  They came in a pack of 3 which was exactly what I needed:

They came in a silver finish - so I gave them a quick coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint:

After they were dry, I centered them on each drawer.
You would think I would have measured, but I had no patience...so I just eyeballed it:

The bookplates come with 3 paper inserts, so I made some labels using clear label tape:
These labels are super versatile too.  You can stick them on just about anything -
binders, closet drawers, & office organizers.

Here's the finished product:

I'm so happy with this piece - it was definitely worth all the sanding & painting!
What a difference from where it started in the thrift store: 
Even though adding the new labels was a small project, it makes it look complete!

I also recently finished organizing the office.  FYI: I've been talking about organizing our office supplies since we finished converting the dining room to our office...last April!  Procrastinate much?

More on that coming soon...



  1. What a great idea! I love what you have done with the dresser. I've been looking for an old dresser for months without any success. My husband is in the process of making me one to use for our entertainment center.

    1. Thanks Joy! We really do think it turned our pretty nice for our first furniture makeover. Yea, it can definitely be a hit & miss when searching for furniture - good thing you have such a sweet & talented husband!