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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Nursery: DIY Custom Crib Skirt

One of the first items we bought were these star sheets while they were on sale @ Pottery barn:

They also had several crib skirt options, but I didn't love any of them enough to spend $79.  Since I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, my mom & I figured we could just buy a white crib skirt & DIY our own.  We bought a white skirt from Target, press on fabric fuse, & 2 different types of ribbon:

We went with a white 3/8" gross grain ribbon with stitching - I liked the look of it because the stitching would make it look sewn on once we were finished.  We couldn't find the grey/pewter color we wanted in a 5/8" gross grain ribbon (everything was a different size or it was satin ribbon), so we decided to get some 5/8" polka dot ribbon & just use the solid grey backside of it.

Before starting, I washed & ironed the crib skirt.  Then I played around with the placement of the ribbon until I found a look I liked:

Next, I adhered the polka dot side of the grey ribbon to the Fabric Fuse:

Then I attached the grey ribbon to the bottom of the crib skirt:

To ensure consistent spacing between the two ribbons, I pinned down a blue ribbon:

Next, I adhered the white ribbon - repeating the same steps as I did with the grey:

After using coupons at Joann's & Hobby Lobby, the total cost was about $35!

Next up - we're finishing some final projects including the gallery wall & some small DIY projects...


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