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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Organizing: Important Dates, Login Info, & Contact Info

Last week I posted all about how I got our paperwork & filing systems in order.  This week, I decided to stay within the theme of  'office organization' and get some important information updated & in order.

I am notoriously terrible at remembering all those special dates, passwords, & addresses.  It's gotten a little easier over the years with the introduction of the smart phone, which allows you to store just about anything & everything right in your phone.

That being said, I'm still old-fashioned in the sense that I also like to have a physical paper copy of this type of information on hand.  Not to mention, if you were to lose your phone, there's always the possibility that you might lose all of your information as well.

The hardest part of getting this type of information organized is simply obtaining all the updated info.  Once you have all the correct info together, it's just a matter of compiling all of it into an organized list.  To make it more simple, I've created some free printables to help you organize all that important information (just click the links to access the files).

For me, all I really need are birthdays & anniversaries, but feel free to add any other special dates that you'd like.  Simply write the date in the smaller box on the left hand side & the occasion in the right box for each month.

I like to keep all of our login info on one cheat sheet.

Every year I try to update the contact info for all of our family & friends who might have moved or changed their email or phone number.

I like to pop the sheets in page protectors & store them in a narrow 1/2" binder:

If you like to use calendars and/or planners, now is also a good time to fill in those birthdays & special dates.

So that's it for this organizing post - I hope that the printables help you get all of your important info organized!


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