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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Hide Your Water Heater: IKEA KVARTAL System

Update 8/26/15:  We've received a couple of comments in regards to this solution being a potential fire hazard or fire code violation.  We did not initially take this into consideration as the curtains never actually touched the water heater.  However, as one reader mentioned, there may be minimum clearance requirements within your insurance policies & fire codes.  We recommend that you research your local fire codes before implementing this system just in case.

The water heater - it’s necessary, but not very attractive to look at.  Our water heater happens to be located in the corner of our laundry room which is very spatially challenged.  As a result, we had to think of a creative way to disguise it without taking up a lot of space (and we needed to be able to access it easily if needed).

One day while we were browsing @ IKEA we saw a curtain track that can be mounted from the ceiling……sold!
We spent a few minutes (OK, maybe more like 30 minutes) figuring out which pieces we would need to buy.  IKEA can be confusing @ times, no?

We began by installing the ceiling fixture pieces.  First, we removed the bottom pieces from the ceiling fixtures:

TIP:  There are no screws or anchors included - so make sure you buy some anchors/fasteners that will work for your ceiling  

We decided to go with a toggle bolt - just to be sure it stayed put.  After we removed the bottom piece, we inserted the screws through the fixture like this:
We drilled pilot holes into the ceiling & then attached the anchors to the ceiling.

Next, we put together the tracks together using the connector pieces.  (Remember, we had already slid all of the bottom pieces from the ceiling fixtures into the tracks):

Next, we slid all of the white plastic gliders onto the tracks & then attached the end pieces:
The track portion is ready to go!
Then we simply attached the track portion to the ceiling fixtures by using the small Allen wrench.  We did not take any pictures @ this point - but here's a photo from IKEA which illustrates this step:

After Mel ironed the window panels, we began to attach the drapery clips.  We did not use the white plastic hooks that came with the gilders.  Instead, we bought a pack of the stainless steel RIKTIG curtain hooks with clips:

We ended up buying the window panels from IKEA as well.  They are 98” tab top panels - we got them extra long so that we could hem them to the perfect length (which, thus far, still hasn't happened).  We obviously didn't utilize the tab tops - they are just folded back behind the panels:
Before & After: 
Thus far, we haven’t had any issues with the gliders getting stuck – it works great!
It's a super easy & affordable way to hide your water heater! 

Nader & Mel



  1. I like how it looks but a gas water heater would be a fire hazard with a curtain so close to it.

  2. Thank you for this post! My husband and I copied this exactly after I found it on pinterest. It was exactly what I was looking for in our bathroom/laundry room. THANKS!

  3. I wanted to buy this set from Ikea - but I see that you guys used a "curved" piece of track - I don't see any "curved" pieces to purchase.....

    1. Yea, I checked the IKEA U.S. website & didn't see them available for purchase either....however, if you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a section with the heading "Curtain tracks: simplicity with a range of accessories", & it does mention that corner pieces are available for both single & triple tracks. This is the link to the page I'm referring to:


      My guess is that they are available to purchase in-store, just not online? Hope that helps :)

  4. Very creative idea but this may be fire code violation and void fire insurance policies. I would recommend that people look at their local fire code requirements and insurance policies for minimum clearance requirements for boilers, hot water heaters, and furnaces before doing this!

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right. This is something others have mentioned before also. We will need to check into that. Thank you for your feedback! :)

  5. This is just what I need for a garage / workshop project. Thanks for sharing. Did you get the ceiling mount pieces from Ikea? I can't find them. Thanks

    1. Yes - everything is from IKEA, with the exception of the toggle bolts which we got from Home Depot. Here's the link for the ceiling fixtures:


      Hope this helps!

  6. We have a tankless water heater. There would be no threat of fire there right?! Hope that's the case, LOVE this idea!

    1. Hi Tori! Sorry for the delayed response, I just now saw this comment. Honestly, we never checked our fire codes. Several people have commented that it might not be allowed though - which is very plausible. There may be minimum clearance requirements within your insurance policies & fire codes. I'd recommend you research your local fire codes before implementing this system just in case. Thanks! :)