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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Organizing: Jewelry

My master closet is still a work in progress, so I'm not quite ready for a full post on closet organization.  Until then, here's a quick post about how I organize & display my jewelry.

About 8 years ago (when we lived in our first apartment together) I started storing all of my necklaces on a wooden tie rack - like this one:

It worked well, but it could only fit about 20 necklaces total & it looked a little cluttered when it was full.  After we bought our house a few years later, I (finally!) discovered the Container Store - where I saw a more streamlined metal version that could potentially fit 32 different necklaces.  Sold!  
They were having a sale, so I snatched up 2 of them:

I already had an idea of where I wanted to hang them.
As you walk into my closet, there is a small wall to the right.
It's a fairly large section of wall space - but not very functional wall space:  

There was no way to fit any sort of shelving on that wall due to the door.  
Instead, I thought it would be the perfect space to hang those tie racks side by side.  
Once the racks were hung, I simply arranged all of my necklaces by color:

Right now, I am only using about half of the hooks - so there are plenty of extra hooks to store any new necklaces that I might add to the collection.

 I also picked up a two-sided hanging jewelry organizer while I was @ the Container Store.  
This is where I keep all of my earrings, rings, & bracelets:

I also keep my wedding ring on my nightstand in a small white porcelain lotus bowl from World Market - because for some reason, I can't sleep with any jewelry on. 
(sorry, I don't have a more current photo of my nightstand): 

And that's how I store my jewelry!
Very simple solutions - but they work great.  
It's super easy to see everything & nothing gets tangled!

Now, I just need to finish organizing the rest of my closet...



  1. Looks great! You could also flip the door hinges so the door opens out. I can't tell if that would still be too narrow to do anything with the space, but I always like my closets better that way.

    1. Thank you! That's a great idea - we never thought about that! It would still be too narrow for any shelving, but it would definitely make that small area feel more spacious & we could install hooks for scarves & stuff on the right wall.... Thanks for the idea! :)
      Mel & Nader

  2. Thanks for this great idea!

    1. I'm glad you found it useful! Thanks for reading :)