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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Organizing: Gift Wrap & Supplies

Originally, I had been storing all of our gift wrapping supplies in various boxes & bags -  maybe you can relate?  Everything was kind of all over the place - it was not the best system.

Luckily, we had a rolling 4-drawer organizer that we weren't using, so I decided to turn it into a mobile gift wrapping station.

In the top drawer, I stashed all of our ribbon, gift tags, & tape:

I threw all of our gift tags in a plastic bag to keep them together:

All of our bows are stored in the second drawer:

I put all of our tissue paper & gift bags in the third drawer:

Lastly, I popped all of our gift boxes into the bottom drawer:

To maximize space, I placed all of the smaller boxes inside of a larger box:

In the past, I had issues finding the corresponding bottoms & tops, so I placed rubber-bands around all of the matching sets:

To finish it off, I labeled each drawer using my label maker & some clear label tape.  Then I stuck the labels on top of some yellow striped paper tape:

We store most of our gift wrap in a clear gift wrap box that I purchased from The Container Store a few years ago - any wrapping paper remnants are stored right underneath the rolls:

There are a few rolls that are too long for the container, so I just store those right on top of the box.  We keep the gift wrap on the top shelf in our coat closet store the rolling organizer right underneath the bottom shelf:

Whenever I need to wrap gifts, I just roll it out into the kitchen!
We are lucky to have the extra space in our coat closet to store everything - if we didn't have the extra room, I would have definitely installed one of those over the door organizers. For now though, I'm happy with this system!


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