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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Organizing: Tool Pegboard

Project Garage Organization is in the works this month & I'm starting with our tools & supplies!

To give you an idea of where everything was originally stored...
here's what our garage looked like in December, post-holiday decorating:
On the black shelving unit (hiding behind the leaning pegboard) is where most of our tools were stored.  You can see other supplies were stored in various plastic bins.
My goal was to get the following three categories onto the pegboard:
1.  small hand tools & drills
2.  painting tools & supplies
3.  gardening tools

We felt the best way to organize these items was by utilizing a pegboard.  If you'd like to know how we hung the pegboard itself, you can check out more on that here.
So here's where we left off in the last post:

  We bought a variety of pegboard hooks @ Home Depot &
I just played around with the placement until everything fit:

On the left side of the pegboard I hung all of our basic & most commonly used hand tools & drills:
After looking at these photos, I realize that we don't have that many tools - we don't even own a set of wrenches or screwdrivers.  Is that weird?  I guess it's because we have one of each that is adjustable/changeable?  Anyways...

In the middle section, I hung up all of our painting supplies & putty knives:

All of our smaller gardening tools are hung on the bottom right side of the pegboard.
On the top, I hung our hand saws (since that was the only space I had left):
There were 2 shelf brackets included in one of our pegboard kits - 
so for now I'm using a scrap piece of 2'x6' as a shelf for some pots.

Some of the hooks came with black peg locks which keep the hooks from pulling out of the board.  I would highly suggest using these locks.
Otherwise, every time you take something off...the hook pops out.  And that's just annoying:

We hung the hook rail a couple of years ago to organize some of our larger gardening tools & brooms:

For now we plan on storing our larger power tools on the shelving unit.  Eventually, we would like to DIY a work bench to fit underneath the pegboard.  And, of course, I need to finish organizing the garage...

Anybody else have the 'new year organizing bug'?


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