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Monday, July 31, 2017

Baby #2 & Plans!

Some of you noticed that I had been MIA from the blog & IG over the last couple of months.  So first off - thank you for reaching out & checking on me!  You guys are the sweetest!  The reason I was not posting a lot was due to some intense morning sickness.  Well actually, I would call it ALL day sickness.  BUT the months of constant nausea & exhaustion were all worth it, because we are finally adding baby #2 to our family!  Coming this New Year 2018!!!

We are feeling super excited & nervous of course, but ready to add another little one to the mix.  We planned on getting pregnant much sooner than we actually did, but as you guys know, there's only so much you can do when it comes to conceiving.  After months of negative pregnancy tests, we were so happy & grateful when we finally got that positive result!

Now that I'm feeling much better, I'm also getting motivated to get to work on some projects around the house.  We've decided that regardless if the new baby is a boy or girl, we are going to keep the nursery the nursery, and move Sami into the guest room/playroom/storage room.  My first goal is to get Sami's "big boy" room ready & get him moved in (and also get him used to sleeping in a regular bed!).  Then if we need to, I'll make some minor tweaks to the nursery.

I've also decided that I'd like to give our master bedroom a little face lift.  Again, nothing too crazy - but there are some changes I'd like to make before the baby arrives since I know it will be that much more difficult to get anything done once there are two of them.  My main concern is getting a new bed.  More specifically - a tufted upholstered headboard.  I'm just not crazy about our bedroom furniture in general, but I'd really prefer something more comfortable to lean back against (especially while nursing in bed).  I've been trying to sell our set or even the bed separately, so hopefully we get a buyer soon.  Other than replacing the furniture, I'd like to repaint the room & replace our ugly non-working ceiling fan with one that is a little nicer to look at & actually functions.

Thanks again for your sweet words in regards to our newest addition! Looking forward to getting back to blogging a bit!


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