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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sami's 'Big Boy' Room Plans

Now that we are expecting baby #2, it's time to get started on transitioning Sami from the nursery into his 'big boy' room.  We considered leaving Sami in his nursery & just converting his crib into a toddler bed, but in the end it made more sense to move Sami to what was originally our guest bedroom.

Over the last couple of years it has morphed into more of a playroom & storage room for toys & old baby stuff, but it still has our old guest mattress & box spring. This is what the room currently looks like:

Since Sami already plays in this room when we are upstairs, it makes the most sense to simply convert it into his bedroom/playroom.  Not to mention, it is the only room his teepee will fit in and there is already a bed he can use.

While most people transition their toddlers to a toddler, twin, or full size bed, we happen to have a queen bed.  So rather than trying to sell it & find something smaller, we are just going to make it Sami's new bed & add some side rails for safety (cuz this kid is a mover when he sleeps!!!).

I'm not sure exactly how this room will come together, but I have a pretty good idea of the look I'm going for.  I was really inspired by the vibe of these two rooms:


We are not doing bunk beds obviously, but I love the color palettes of these rooms.  I would also like to install a white faux shiplap/paneled wall using lauan playwood.  As far as a bed goes, I really love the simplicity of this Pottery Barn Kids bed:
Unfortunately, we can't afford to spend $900 on his bed alone (not to mention, they only make it in a twin & full anyways).  Instead of spending a small fortune, we are going to build the bed frame ourselves.  I'm going to use the Pottery Barn Kids bed as inspiration & we'll just tweak it as needed.  We're estimating it will cost us around $200 to build the bed.

We will also need to get Sami a dresser.  More than likely, we will get another IKEA HEMNES dresser - but probably in the gray stained color instead of white this time around.  They are just so affordable & we actually really love the functionality of the dresser itself.  I might change out the knobs like I did with Sami's nursery dresser.

The only other pieces of furniture we'll need are some nightstands & toy storage - which will most likely be some sort of cube storage organizer with bins & baskets.  Not super original, but they are inexpensive & practical.
Luckily, the closet is already updated with a closet organizer which we installed a few years ago (see more on that here).  All I'll need to do is reorganize everything to accommodate Sami's clothes & toys.

Lastly, we will paint the room, change out the ceiling fan, & sew some black out window panels. Of course I'll also need to get him some bedding and maybe a play road rug since he is obsessed with playing with matchbox cars!

So those are the plans for Sami's new room.  I will probably post another update once we get the bed finished.  In the meantime, if you have any tips on transitioning a toddler to a regular bed, please let me know!  Thanks for reading!


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