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Friday, December 1, 2017

Neutral Holiday Home Decor

I never got around to sharing our holiday decor for 2016 - no surprise there, right?  I'm still debating if I want to go all out with decorating this year, given I have a 2.5 year old & baby #2 set to arrive anytime around January 1st.  Since I haven't done much decorating as of yet, I thought I'd share our home from last year instead!

This is our office (formerly the formal dining room):

For the mirror in our foyer, I picked up a table swag & just bent it to the arch of the mirror:

Growing up, I would receive a couple of ornaments every year from my family & extended family members.  After high school, my mom gave me all of my ornaments and I never really decorated with them until last year.  Since our main tree is pretty neutral, I decided to get a mini white tree & designated that as the "kids" tree.  It works out great because all the colorful ornaments stand out & Sami has his own little tree to decorate:

In the bathroom I took two garland stems that I joined together in the middle to create a swag & used some bulbs to hide the joint:

The stair railing we do have is obviously very short and doesn't allow for a super dramatic garland display, but I thought it would be nice to add a little something there.  I figure that once we move someday & have a larger railing I can keep adding to my collection of mismatched stockings:

Last year our existing tree's lights burned out, and while we could have just replaced the lights, we took the opportunity to get a slightly larger & more realistic tree.

Here's the old tree versus our new tree:

Our new tree is called the Holiday Living 7.5 Pre-Lit Hayden Pine tree from Lowe's.  I really love our new tree overall - especially the different types of branch tips it has.  It looks so much more realistic than our last tree:

This hot cocoa inspired chalkboard art was a DIY I did last year.  I painted a canvas with chalkboard paint and then used a design by Valerie McKeehan for inspiration.  It took me awhile to finish, but it turned out so cute.  I added some garland on the top & threw in some bulbs & a little wooden sled too:

Since we don't have a fireplace, we use our TV cabinet as a makeshift mantel:

So that's it for our holiday decor last year...hope you liked it & Happy Holidays!
Mel :)

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