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Monday, March 12, 2018

DIY Play Kitchen Makeover

I knew I always wanted to get a play kitchen for my kids, and nowadays there are so many options out there.  While I love the look of the Pottery Barn Kids version, the price tag was way too much for a toy in my opinion.  This is their Chelsea set that retails for around $900:

It's adorable, but there was no way we were going to spend almost $1k for a play kitchen.  I looked for new and used kitchens, but never really found anything that I liked.  Then last summer I saw the cutest play kitchen on LetGo that reminded me a lot of the more pricey PBK sets - and it was listed for only $100 instead of $900.  I offered $60 to the seller and we agreed to meet in the middle at $80:

First, I removed all the hardware and spray painted everything black.  An easy way to paint parts like this is by sticking them into cardboard boxes:

Then I removed the counter tops & back splashes and added some marble contact paper:

Afterwards, I gave everything two coats of white that I already had in the garage from an old project (I also ended up painting the inside of the oven with some leftover gray paint):

I also decided to cut the sink door in half & add new latch hardware to mimic the look of the PBK set:

I love that the fridge serves as extra toy storage too:

Not bad for under $90!

It wasn't a difficult makeover, but the painting was very time consuming - totally worth it though!  Sami loves to play with his kitchen and all his cousins love it too!

Thanks for reading!

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