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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Garage: Wall Track System

We recently installed some ceiling storage for all of our extra building materials, but we've also been wanting to install a wall track system to get all of our
bulky & awkward items off of the floor & out of the way.  Those items included:
-step ladder
-small shovel
-lawn edger
-hedge trimmer
-extension cords
-sports equipment
-folding chairs
-broadcast spreader

We had about 16' of unused garage wall space that was perfect for this project:

Luckily, many storage & organization items go on sale during the new year, so it was the perfect time to check out our local home improvement store and see what specials they were offering (this was back in January FYI).

We went online & found that Lowe's was offering 25% off all Gladiator garage cabinets & accessories, so we made a list of everything we needed to hang on the track system & headed to Lowe's.

We expected that we'd have to buy everything we needed separately, but we found a kit that was marked down from $159 to $99 - which was about $20 less than even the 25% discount would have offered.  While we liked the discount, we anticipated that the kit wouldn't include everything that we needed.  Here's everything it came with:

Surprisingly, we found that we would only need to buy a couple of extra components - including 1 extra 48" Channel Piece & 1 Big Hook (for the folding chairs).  We priced out what it would cost to buy everything separately & it turned out we would save about $30 by buying the kit, plus we would get a couple of extras (a Clean-up Caddy & 3 Small Bins).

So we ended up buying the Gladiator 26-Piece GearTrack & Hook Wall Storage Kit, 1 extra 48" Channel Piece (we already had screws at home, so we didn't need to buy any for the extra channel), and 1 extra Big Hook:

The track system was fairly easy to install - you simply find your studs & attach the channels so that each end falls on the center of a stud (making sure you use a level too).  We did not need to drill pilot holes for the screws - however,  it does require some strength to be able to get the screws through the channel, drywall, & stud.

With the four 32" channels & the extra 48" channel, our total length of track came to about 14' 6":

Once we had the track installed, Mel started attaching the hooks & organizing the wall:

We also need to hang our ladder, but that will probably be hung on the opposite wall horizontally using ladder hooks.  All in all, we would definitely recommend a wall system like this!

There are still a few more projects that we have planned for the garage:
-install the ladder hooks
-condense our extra paint into glass jars
-build a wooden work bench
-create a "garage mudroom" next to the door (like this)

Hopefully we can finish everything before the baby comes ;)

Mel & Nader

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