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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Nursery: Paint Colors

In out last nursery post we outlined our board & batten wall install - now it's on to paint!

Can you believe that we have never painted swatches on the wall when choosing paint colors?  So far, we have been pretty lucky that our choices worked out.  However, we decided to get some samples up on the walls before we made our decision this time around since we will be using 2 different colors in the nursery.

We decided to try (A)Cool Metalwork Grey & (B)Granite Grey by Glidden for the board & batten wall color.  For the rest of room, we tried out (C)Pebble Grey &(D)Sutton Place Grey by Glidden:

After we painted the swatches on the wall, we found ourselves more indecisive than ever.  After about a week, we finally decided to just pick some colors & go with it.  We ended up choosing (A)Cool Metalwork Grey in an eggshell finish for the board & batten wall and (D)Sutton Place Grey in a flat finish for the rest of the room.  We went with the Glidden Premium Paints since they are a paint + primer in one, low odor, & no-VOC.

We started by painting the closet & 3 walls - Mel cutting in (except the baseboards, which were too awkward to paint with a pregnant belly) & Nader rolling.  It's our tried & true painting system:

The next day, Mel tackled the board & batten wall.  First, she cut in with a brush - painting 3 coats before moving on to the rolling:

Once the cutting in was done, Mel used a 6" foam roller to paint the inside of all the squares (3 coats):

We were really happy with the paint colors once all was said & done....and even more happy to be done painting ;)

Mel & Nader


  1. This looks amazing and your color choices were perfect!!!! Cannot wait to see baby stuff in this room :)

    1. Thank you so much! We can't wait to share the room once it's done - luckily, we are almost finished with the nursery in real life...we are just slow to blog about it haha. :)