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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Nursery: Star Decal Ceiling Install

We had originally seen this popular image on Pinterest & really liked the look of the star wall decals.  Instead of using them on the walls however, we planned on placing the decals on the ceiling.

After some research, we figured out that the decals from the inspiration image were from Urban Walls.  We were about to order a set, when we realized that shipping might take longer than our timeline allotted (as it's a Canadian based company).

So, we decided to see if we could find a comparable option from a local company & Mel happened to find Dana Decals through Etsy.  The shop even offered 4 different star options - one of which was the "compass star or compass rose" (option #3), which actually fit right in with our travel/nautical vibe.  Even better, they offered a "half order" for only $18 which included 64 stars - more than enough for the size of our ceiling.  So we ended up ordering star style #3 in warm gray:

The most difficult part was deciding on how to lay the pattern out on the ceiling.  We wanted staggered rows, but weren't sure how to space them.  After a few trial runs, we realized we preferred to have an even outline around the edges of the ceiling, which would mean the spacing between stars would be larger along the shorter wall, with smaller space spacing between stars on the long wall (since our room was not square).

This is the plan we eventually settled on - 4 rows of 9 stars across the long wall & 3 rows of 8 stars staggered in between (with an equal border along the edges of the ceiling):

Once we had our design, we cut out the decals from the main sheet & taped a few rows up first to make sure we liked the layout before adhering them onto the ceiling:

We used a laser level to keep all the rows in a straight line (it's on the ground pointing up towards the ceiling):

The decals went on very easily & actually look like they were stenciled onto the ceiling.  Big impact for around $20!

We also just finished installing some custom DIY shelves, which combine 100 year old barn wood & some inexpensive IKEA brackets - more on that soon!

Mel & Nader

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